• Shanghai Expo attendance hits 20 mln mark
  • http://www.ditan360.com 2010-06-29 16:47 Last Updated

    More than 20 million people have visited the World Expo Park in Shanghai since its official opening on May 1, organizers said Monday.

    The number of Expo visitor arrivals broke the 20-million mark Monday, the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination said in a statement, adding that the number of visitor arrivals passed the 10-million mark June 5.

    A new daily attendance record was set Saturday when 553,500 people visited the Expo Park.

    Shanghai is experiencing a relatively cool summer, with only one day so far, June 19, over 35 degrees Celsius in temperature.

    Large crowds of visitors, particularly students, are expected at the Expo during the school holidays in July and August.

    The Expo is expected to draw 70 million visitors in total by the time it closes on Oct. 31.

    The Expo organizers have urged tourists to brace for rain and hot summer weather.

    Organizers have prepared an increased number of electric fans, sun-blocking facilities and drinks at the Park.

    The Expo, with a theme featuring "Better City, Better Life", has drawn the participation by an unprecedented 189 countries and 57 international organizations.